Day 3: Monte

I am so proud of myself! I’ve managed to walk A LOT today! Without my second cortisone shot in my foot last week today’s journey had not been possible.

We walked towards the city around 8:45am. First we looked around in the market a little bit. It was too late to see all the fish in the fish market so we need to go back someday at 7am when they open.




Next we walked to the cable car that would take us high above Funchal to the town of Monte. Here we visited two gardens, the botanical garden and the tropical palace garden. At the first one I found my new favorite flower, the “Birds of parrot” flower. I saw a few in the city garden yesterday but here it was plenty of them. They are so beautiful and colorful!


And here are a few pictures from the palace garden:





Mathias had to answer some work emails at which time we enjoyed a little quiet time looking at the Koi ponds.



Oh and of course, here are a few pictures of the cable car journey:




And Åsa’s house from above, it’s the one in the middle.


The evening we’ll spend taking it easy at home. Tomorrow we plan to rent a car and go on a little Madeira adventure!

One thought on “Day 3: Monte

  1. Sandra March 13, 2012 / 00:19

    Jag hörde även någon guide kalla blommerna för “piece of paradise”. Vet inte om det var ett namn endast den guiden hade för blomman eller om det var ett smeknamn, men det var iallafall fint namn. 🙂

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