Day 1: Funchal

We arrived Madeira last night. We were picked up by a taxi driver who actually spoke Swedish. He drove us to Åsa’s (Mathias sister) house and we spent some hours talking before going to bed.

This morning we walked to the city centre (took around 10 minutes) for breakfast and then we went on a city sightseeing bus tour. It was hop-on hop-off and we did a little stop in Câmara des Lobos were we walked around a little and ate a delicious lunch. We shared two grilled fishes: prago (don’t know the English name) and parrot fish.


Here are a few pictures taken from the bus ride:




After the tour we went grocery shopping and back to Åsa’s (Mathias sister) place where we rested for awhile before walking back to the city for dinner. Åsa and I enjoyed a nice tiger prawn and Mathias a steak in a restaurant in the old town.


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