Doctor’s order

Right now I’m at home resting. I went to the hospital again today as the cortisone shot I got last week didn’t help at all. Thursday I noted that the pain was back again and Friday morning was so bad that I called the hospital about a new appointment. Luckily they had an opening today already.

The doctor was a little unsure of giving me another shot at first but after examining the foot for almost 10 minutes and checking it agains the foot that is well he decided to give it a try. He seemed to think that the foot has some kind of “trauma” from my fall in early December. I’m not totally convinced since I had problems with my foot joint even before the icy road decided to “knock me down”.

Before the actual cortisone shot he gave me a local anesthetic in my joint mostly because he wanted to see if he could get any joint fluid. The local anesthetic don’t feel as bad as the cortisone shot so that was nice but now when I’m starting to sense my foot again it’s not particularly comfortable! Hopefully I’m much better tomorrow and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the cortisone will work this time!

He also wanted me to go home and rest my foot so now I’m resting in the sofa and I’m completely bored… nothing fun on the TV during daytime. I’m debating whether to read a book or do some studying about agile software development…

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