Cortisone magic

I had an appointment at the hospital today because of my foot problem. I was a little “annoyed” this morning when I woke up and my foot basically didn’t hurt at all and I didn’t feel any of the issues I’ve felt the past days/weeks. Luckily the doctor noticed that my tendon sheat was swollen and gave me a cortisone shot. I’ve been having pain all afternoon/evening and it’s still hard to walk properly but cortisone is magical and I’ll feel fine in no time.

The doctor wondered if I really felt any better with my new medication as I’m still having issues. I really don’t want to switch medication as I do feel much better with Simponi so I quickly replied that I feel fine most of the time and that I thought this was an issue due to the colder weather we have had plus the fact that it’s been so cold in the office lately. He didn’t argue with me and I hope my real doctor (when I get a cortisone shot appointment I get to see whatever doctor that has time for me) won’t start talking like this too. I just don’t feel like switching medication because I’ve been feeling much better during the past 6 months with Simponi than I did previously and I refuse to think that just because I have a swollen joint again the medicine has stopped working. Even if I’m on medication I’m pretty sure I might get some activity in regards to my RA. I won’t think more about that right now though, now I’m just looking forward to waking up in the mornings without a foot that hurts!

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