I’ve noted recently (over the past ~6 months I suppose) that whenever I get a cold it seems like my body forgets it has joint issues and “I feel fine”. When the cold is starting to disappear I instead get severe pain in my joint(s).

Today I woke up with pain in my left ankle (I’ve had pain off and on, okay mostly on, since Christmas), shoulder, left wrist and hand. I had problems last winter as well and was eventually told by my doctor that my medicine had stopped working. Maybe it had but since I’m having issues this year again I’m not so sure last year’s issues was only due to the medication. I love winter but clearly my joints don’t! I had hoped that I would have noted a change in my ankle when we went to Spain but as we were unfortunate to be there when the cold weather had hit Europe it didn’t give my joint any relief whatsoever. If it had I would seriously considered moving there half time. 😉

I’m quite curious to talk to my doctor about the pain disappearing when I’ve got a cold. Maybe that is normal that when it has issues elsewhere the body forgets my joints…

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