We’re now high above the ground somewhere over France and as Norwegian is so great as to offer free wifi I thought I should write some reflections of our past days.

I had hoped that a warmer weather would give my foot joints (and body in general) a boost and that the pain would go away, unfortunately it is not any better. It has not been warm enough I suppose. We’ve had a around 10-12 C each day with quite cool winds and in the morning/evenings it has been around 2-4 degrees C. In the direct sun it’s been nice but I’ve still needed my fall coat and scarf. I had hoped for the normal average temperature of 18-20C but we were not that lucky… the Russian winds have reached far…

One thing that is good though is that the sunlight has helped my tiredness (that I get due to my rheumatism) to be controllable. The last weeks in Sweden has been very rough and my tiredness has given me a lot of trouble. I need to find some type of light therapy because that would obviously help me a lot during the Swedish winter time.

The hotel was great and if we ever visit the area again I could definitely stay there again. Good breakfast, good services, fabulous room and views… Maybe a little run down in some areas, if you look carefully you notice they need to do some renovations and paint job but nothing that spoils the stay. The different pools seems fantastic and if it had been warmer I would definitely have taken a swim.

I recommend Gran Hotel Villaitana if you are in the Benidorm area. You need a car though in order to get in to town (or take a cab) so if you prefer a city hotel this is not for you!

Tomorrow it’s back to work again but in 3 weeks we’ll be traveling again. Then it’s time to visit my sister-in-law in Madeira for 10 days. Another fun journey to look forward to. 🙂

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