Penyal d’lfac

I decided to give my foot some more trouble today so we took the car to Calp were we “climbed” Penyal d’lfac. Took us around 1 hour to walk up to the tunnel. In my travel book I’d read that if you were afraid of heights you shouldn’t walk any further than the tunnel… Obviously we wanted to see what it looked like on “the other side” so after a little adventure of walking through the tunnel (the stones were very slippery and it was hard to see because of the darkness) we arrived at a fabulous view of the Mediterranean. After looking at the trail there was no way I was walking any further. It would have been a too big adventure… and the sign even said it was very dangerous to keep going.

It was a great view of the area from every corner of this rock and I took plenty of pictures. My iPhone had some issues with the sunshine though so some are too dark, others too bright and some pretty OK. 🙂 These are in chronological order so you can follow our journey up. Enjoy!








And lastly a view of the rock from Platja de Fosse where we ate lunch at one of the restaurants. Unfortunately not the best meal we’ve had during our vacation…


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