Four new friends

I have had a fabulous afternoon today! I’ve meet four new friends!

For quite sometime now I’ve been an active participant in a Facebook group for people having rheumatism. The group is part of Reumatikerförbundet (the Swedish rheumatism organization) Early January I asked if any women in Stockholm would be interested in meeting up regularly. Many said yes and we started our own Facebook group to make it easier to communicate with each other on meeting days etc. We’re now 26 in the group!

Our first meet-up where today in my living room! 🙂 Originally more people were signed up to come but cancelled because of cold, illness etc so in the end we were only 5. We enjoyed coffee/tea and cookies, bread and fruit (everyone brought something to eat). Our next meeting will be sometime in March (we’ll stick to bimonthly meetings), but we plan on having some “impromptu” meetings in between if anyone feels like it.

I’m looking forward to meeting more ladies from the group during the coming months.

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