I've been a little lazy during the Christmas holidays as I haven't posted anything at all! Here's a little re-cap of the past 4 days…

Christmas Eve

We celebrated at home with both our parents and my brother. The first part of the day we were making the last preparations before the guest arrived and then we enjoyed Christmas dinner, opening gifts etc. 



Christmas Day

At 8.40am we arrived at my parents house in order to start the celebration of my brother's 30th birthday. We started with putting up the huge balloons we bought for him so they and our presents greeted him when he opened the door shortly after 9am in order to eat breakfast.



After the birthday breakfast he helped Mathias and me to blow up all of the 30 smaller balloons we had bought and in no-time the "whole house" was filled with balloons.


The rest of the day we celebrated with yummy food, good company (aunt, uncle and cousin arrived from Gävle) and playing couronne, the Wallon clans annual Christmas occupation since sometime in the 1990's.


Second day of Christmas

We started the day with going in to town for a little shopping. After 2 hours there it was no fun anymore so we went back home and drove to Svinninge for some more couronne competition and the evenings Christmas dinner. 


Behind the sofa I found some "party leftovers" 🙂


Third day of Christmas

Today we started with shopping too… we went to Kåge's in Sundbyberg in order to get some new shirts and pants for Mathias. In the afternoon we went to Åkersberga to meet up with Mathias family.


Tomorrow it's time to go back to work again. Mathias is on vacation the rest of the week but I decided to just take today as vacation and save the rest of my vacation days as we have some travelling planned in for next year already. 

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