Vaxholms Fästning

After a full day of introduction into the different business areas of my company we were surprised with going on a boat trip with destination Vaxholm. The boat stopped at Vaxholms Fästning and we were shown to our rooms at the bed and breakfast on the island (I had no idea they had lodging here!). We were told to dress into more comfortable clothing and go out into the courtyard. There we were instruction of what was going to happen over the next 2 hours. Turned out we were going to do a little "fångarna på fortet" competition. We were divided into 3 teams and I'm happy to say my team won (a champagne bottle)! It was not thanks to me though as I had to stopped before we were halfway done as all the running and climbing in stairs really made my feet and knees hurt. 

After our activity it was time to dress for dinner. A few steps from the B&B was a very nice dining place that currently served julbord. It was very delicicous and they had 18 (!) different types of pickled herring. On my first plate I just ate different herrings and on my second plate I enjoyed salmon, jansson's temptation, meatballs, ham, moose and reindeer. 



Today after breakfast we had 3 hours of more information about the company before it was time for lunch and then the boat back to Värtahamnen. We came back to the city at 2pm today at which time I went to our office to finish up my CV which I haven't had time to do while I'm at the client daily. Now that is finally done… 

I've had a great time, learned a lot about my new company, met many new collegues, and enjoyed fabulous food. Otherwise my strongest memory is probably that it was way to cold for this. 🙂 It was too cold running around on the island doing the competition and it was way to cold in our room. I was sleeping with my exercise pants and socks and had my blanket up to my nose and I was still freezing. I had some joint issues this morning but luckily it went away after a while.  

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