Christmas party

Last night my company had this year's Christmas party. We were at Stockholm Waterfront Congress Centre, it's located between the Central Station and Stadshuset and had a beautiful view overlooking the water. I overheard someone saying we were around 850 people attending. This is what the venue looked like when we arrived.


There were several tables both on the main floor and on the balcony (where I was standing when I took the previous picture) with plates containing three little appetizers. A shrimp mixture in a small eatable bowl, a bread filled with cheese and a reindeer roll. All of it very yummy!


Before the dinner there was a talent show which if I understood it correctly was the 3rd one and last year Sweden won which is why the talent show was held in Sweden this year. Earlier they have only competed with musician/dancers but this year it was 4 categories for best sales person, project manager, nerd and "application" (I think that was what it was at least…) The 5th category were music/dance/entertainment, and this year Sweden won again so next year we'll host the show as well! The show was in a separate hall with lots of TV cameras everywhere because the show was recorded and shown live on the company intranet so all of the other offices in the country/world could look at it as well. This picture is before the show started.


For dinner it was buffet tables filled with chicken skewers, salmon, two types of potato dishes, quiche, salad, bread, cheeses and I'm sure I've forgotten something… And of course a dessert table filled with lots of yummy things.

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