RA update

For those of you that follow my blog regularly you've probably noticed I've not posted for over a month now. That has mostly been due to a cold which at first just were extremely annoying and left me tired and cranky but after some weeks of that the cold arrived for real and for 2 weeks I was sick and home from work. That was so boring and annoying I don't have words for it… I still have a cough left but I'm sure that one will give up sooner or later too!

On a happier note I had my 6-month check up on Oct 31st and was informed that everything looked excellent and the blood work tests hadn't been this good for a long time. The Simponi injections really seem to work great! If the gluten free diet does any magic I have no idea off so I'm thinking about trying to eat gluten again for a while to see what it does. The doctor told me it was time to start getting rid of the cortisone again. I tried it a year ago but that didn't work so well then but now he wanted me to try again. So I did, and within days my left ankle started to give me problems. That my body would start to complain was expected so I continued with the new dosage and my ankle didn't agree with that at all!

Then my cold hit and I weren't able to take any RA med's at all which meant that my ankle really started to give me trouble! 2 weeks without med's and Simponi 2 weeks overdue my ankle were so bad this weekend that I couldn't use it at all and no pain killers worked. I tried a new stronger pain killer as well which gave me more issues… nervousness, dizziness and just feeling weird in the whole body plus that it didn't get rid of the pain either. Never trying that one again!

Yesterday I morning I went to the hospital for a little talk with the "Simponi research team" and asked if they could check out my ankle. After me having to convince them that they had time for me and not liking the idea of coming back again today my doctor finally had a look at it! They didn't like what the saw but due to a fall I had last week (stupid icy road!) they didn't want to give me a cortisone shot right away but rather sent me for an x-ray first. Nothing wrong there though so after 1,5hrs of waiting I finally got my cortisone shot and was on my way to work. So the 20 minutes it would have taken for the research part turned into 3,5hrs at the hospital!

My ankle is much better today, it's not as swollen anymore but I do have some pain left. I'm hoping I'll be able to walk normally and without issues tomorrow! I was also able to finally take my Simponi injection tonight so now I'll be back to normal soon. Can't wait!

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