Rent a chef

As a birthday present for my god mother, Barbro, we bought a rent-a-chef certificate. We set the date and decided on the menu over a month ago and yesterday it was time to enjoy a evening with a private chef cooking a 3 course dinner. 

At 3pm the chef arrived and started preparing the dinner. He had all of the ingredients with him. (We were in charge of the drinks as that was not included). He also took care of the dishes after the dinner so before he left it was looking nice and clean in the kitchen again. What a service! 🙂

Around 5pm we started eating. For appetizer we got an avocado cream with lobster (I had no idea but apparently "havskräfta" is a lobster and not a crayfish). For the main course we enjoyed deer with funelled chanterelles, cranberries and a parship and black salsify "puree" (looked just like mashed potatoe to me). And for dessert, citrus panacotta with apricots pickled in ginger. 

It was quite a few pictures so instead of uploading them directly to the blog post I created a album on Facebook: Rent a chef


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