International food

Today we ate Thai for lunch and Mexican for dinner. We've not made taco sallad at home for quite some time so it tasted extra nice tonight.


This morning we spent some time at Lidingö looking at oak trees. They hadn't started to change color yet though so we'll go back some other weekend. After our "tree excursion" we went to Mathias' niece Sandra and her boyfriend in order to check out their new apartment. We bought Thai food on our way there and ate lunch with them. It was so much food that I have two lunches in the freezer now!

Right now I'm baking more oat bread. The same ones as I baked three weeks ago. Mathias wanted me to try some other bread from my new book but I liked these so much I just wanted to bake them another time. I did have more of the anise seed and fennel seed this time around so they will not be exactly the same. 🙂 Next time I'm baking bread it will be another recipe though.

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