Rowanberry Jelly

Today I finally made jelly of the rowanberries my dear hubby picked for me some weeks ago. My father-in-law gave me a "silduk"–my dictionary claims that would be "scrim" in English… but I'm not sure as if I search for scrim I got plenty of information that it's a cloth but not really a special cloth for draining a fruits juices–and today I finally tried it! It was quite easy to make but we had to figure out some kind of stand for the cloth to allow the juice to drip through. This is what Mathias came up with:


I'll try to find a better folding stand in the stores for future uses but this was good enough for this time around. While cooking the rowanberry jelly it smelled great and the color is just fabulous! I'm just hoping it will taste great too!


I made the jelly from 2 litres of rowanberries and that made 1/2 a litre of jelly. I still have a tiny bit of rowanberries in the freezer but in order to make more bottles I need more berries. We'll see if we have time to pick more or not.


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