We'd decided to visit Skansen yesterday as this is the weekend for their Fall market. Lucky for us the weather was perfect. Sunny and quite warm. Fantastic for a Fall market! We bought some spices and a wonderful tasting vanilla sugar. I think I'll make a apple pie today just so I can try it out! 🙂

I love Skansen's Fall market. I so nice to walk around the booths and seeing people with old-style clothing walking around. I could easily sign up with the group/organization (or whatever it is) just so I can walk in those pretty clothes! 🙂 It has to be nice weather though, wouldn't want to do it in crappy weather.




Mathias bought a little lunch treat consisting of fried herring on crisp bread. I normally don't like fried herring but this one was actually pretty good.


We bought new yearly passes to Skansen. The ones we had expired in February this year and we haven't bought new ones since then. I went to Skansen enough times in a year to cover the price of the yearly pass, but Mathias didn't. I hope we'll manage to get to Skansen a lot during the coming 12 months. Mathias said if we didn't he wouldn't allow me to buy new passes next year! 😀

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