Apple pie

I just had to write a post about the apple pie we made tonight. Wow it was yummy! I recommend everyone to try this recipe even if you don't require gluten free food!! I googled for gluten free crumble pie (smulpaj in Swedish) and this recipe came up first. I didn't even read any other versions. The recipe can be found here, but as it's in Swedish only here is a quick translation to English:

1,5 dl gluten free flour mix
1,5 dl oat
1,5 dl sugar
125 gram butter
3-4 dl berries or fruit

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the butter. Put the berries/fruit in a baking pan and top with the dough. I also added some of the vanilla sugar that I bought at Skansen on top of the apples before spreading the dough.

Bake in the oven for around 30 minutes in 200-225 degrees C. (I baked it for 25 minutes in 200 degrees). I'm not sure if it were 3-4 dl of fruit exactly… used 4 apples. I'm sure this would taste great with cinnamon as well!


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