Pancakes and spaghetti

We tried making gluten free pancakes tonight. To tell you the truth I couldn't taste the difference… 


I found the recipe on

Last night we made spaghetti and meat sauce. When we looked at the spaghetti being boiled it didn't look especially tasty… the water looked brownish and the spaghetti colorless and tasteless. To our surprise though it tasted better than it looked! It didn't taste as good the Barilla Spaghetti we've usually bought, but I think I'll learn to like this too. 

One good thing with the gluten free diet is that we can still eat lots of Thai-inspired food with rice, coconut milk, spices and different types of meats. I think I can survive not eating the great tasting Barilla pasta as long as I can eat (homemade) Thai food

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