Worked… kinda…

So I posted my first post through email yesterday evening. Well, it was both a good and bad outcome… the good part being that the post actually got posted to my blog, and the not so good part was that 1) the pictures showed up in different sizes even though I specified a size before I sent off the email and 2) not all of the text got posted. Not sure if it's because the last image got bigger than supposed to, or what. I suppose the conclusion right now is that it works unless I post a too long post or one including more than one picture… So, I'll keep writing my posts on my computer until I can figure out what the problem is. 

We had a nice time on our cruise. I didn't sleep particularly well though, but I rarely do that when we're on a cruise. I have no issue with sleeping while I'm on water, my problem is more all the noise… the boat engine, the extremely loud "vacuum toilets" and just other guests. The bed aren't that comfortable either, but I guess I shouldn't complain too much about that as I don't like the bed I sleep in every night either. We really need to get a new mattress soon! Anyway… the trip was nice and we had a very relaxing weekend with good food and nice views. For lunch today I ate a fish and seafood casserole:


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