Today was the day… time to learn how to self-inject my medication, Simponi!

I brought Mathias with me as support but not sure I really needed it. Todays session was not only to learn how to self-inject but also so get information, leave blood work and do some joint tests for a research study about RA. Once all that was done the nurse informed me about how to self-inject. She also had a dummy so I could try to use it before hand. Only difference between the dummy and the actual autoinjector was that the first one didn't have a needle and no medication. Otherwise it behaved exaclty the same. I tried it twice and then it was time for the real deal. It was actually very easy… just put the "pen-like" autoinjector on my thigh, hit the button, listen for a click, then wait for the next click indicating "all done" and then… nothing more! With me back home I had several papers to read as well as a little coolbag that I can keep the medication in when traveling as it requires to be in the refrigerator. 

This medication has the same active ingredient as the IV medication had so I can expect the same side effects, if any, as from that one. The only side effect I ever noted from it previously was being extra tired the first 24-36 hours. So far I've not felt anything like that… There were also the same type of "rules" in regards to feeling good when time to get the medication etc etc. 

I need to have my blood checked once a month for a while so they can check how the medication works as well as make sure it don't give any of my organs (such as the liver) any issues. 

I'm hoping this medication will work magic and that I can finally start to lower my cortisone dosage (again). I would be so happy if I could stop taking that completely in the near future.


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