Relaxing Sunday

We've had a slow and relaxing day today!

We started it by waking up at 9.30am (not very often we sleep in that long…) and just took it easy all morning long. Around 1pm we decided to go to Svinninge and visit my family. Inside the door the fabulous scent of newly baked cinnamon rolls greated us. Perfect timing! And, my dad had not only baked cinnamon rolls but bread too! Yummy!



My brother decided it was time to do some fishing so Mathias and I followed him down to the waterside where we spent 2,5h great hours before driving back home in time to go to dinner at TGIF with Åsa, Lasse, Sandra and Micke.




This was the first time this summer I went down the hillside to the water so it was extra nice for me! I'm so happy my knees and feet are getting better! And tomorrow morning I have my appointment at the hospital to learn how to self-inject my medication. I'm so ready for it! 

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