Crayfish party

Tonight it was time to enjoy another type of seafood: crayfish! We went to Mathias' sister, Åsa (who's visiting Sweden for a week. She lives in Madeira, Portugal otherwise) house for a little crayfish party. Åsa's spouse, Lasse, her daugther Sandra and her boyfriend Micke was there too as well as some friends of Sandra and Micke. 

It was the first time we ate crayfish for the season and it tasted very yummy! I had some difficulties peeling the crayfish though so both Mathias and Åsa helped me out so I would get some meat and not just slurp yummy crayfish "liquid". That is very taste but you don't get a full stomach by eating just that! 🙂 One of the friends had made a Västerbotten (a special Swedish cheese) pie too that was very delicious!  



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