Yesterday we checked out from the hotel around 9.45am and started our drive towards Stockholm. We took the little longer route of first driving southeast towards Vetlanda because I wanted to visit a store, Tomteverkstan, that makes my favorite yarn Santas that I collect.

I was a little disappointed visiting the store though because it wasn't as organized as I had imagined, and they didn't show how they make the Santas. The person in the store weren't that sociable either… he never came out to greet us and we had to stand and wait for a while before he came to the checkout.

I bought three new Santas so I'm very happy with the journey anyway. They had much larger Santas here than in the booth that sell these during the yearly Christmas market in Stockholm old town. I think my favorite of the three we bought is the Santa in front of the computer. That one suites our family perfectly! 🙂


After my shopping spree we started driving north. In Boxholm we stopped for lunch and noted the big round building stating Boxholm Cheese, and we found the factory store closeby. Of course we had to check it out! We bought three different cheeses and we also found a cache on the backside of the "cheese building".  



This was our last stop before arriving home on Stockholm after three great days on the road.

Cache found:

I've found 38 caches in total now. My goal was 50 before the end of the summer. Not sure I'll manage that by the end of August, but I'll try!

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