Visingsö and Gränna

The major part of the day we spent at Visingsö. We took the boat leaving Gränna at 10.30am and arrived 30 minutes later. We drove to the south part of the island and started looking for caches. We decided to skip one due to the long walk needed and went to another one nearby an old castle ruin. In order to find the cache it required some climbing but Mathias was brave enough to do it. The cache itself looked very cool!




When then started driving up north where we planned to find two other caches. Turned out that both of them required quite a long walk so we skipped them and started driving back south again. By this time we were hungry… We stopped at a café and ate very yummy sandwiches. I picked one with beetroat salad and meatballs.


The café had a museum of all different kind of old stuff. Among other things they showed the old gas station: 


and a very cute looking old hot dog stand:


After lunch we drove around for some more cachehunting. We had found two more when we decided we should call and try to reserv our return boat trip for 45 minutes later. Turned out all was fully booked until late in the evening and our only chance if we didn't want to stay that long was to go to the harbor and stand in the "not-reserved" line and see if we would catch the ferry, so instead of finding two more caches which we originally had planned we drove directly to the ferry and actually managed to get on the first boat leaving the harbor 10 minutes after we got there. Nice timing! We arrived in Gränna around 4.45pm

Back in Gränna we went shopping for peppermint candy (among other things). I "think" we bought a little more than planned so now we have candy for a year or two…


After dinner we planned to do some more cache hunting but it had gotten quite dark so we only managed to find one. 

Caches found today (in chronological order):


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