Our last road trip for this year's summer vacation is to Gränna/Visingsö. We (my brother is with us too) arrived at the hotel around 4.15pm and after checking in we went to Brahehus to take a look and to hunt for caches. 

Mathias told us that his father had told him when he was younger a story where the main point was that Brahehus looks like it does due to children playing with matches. Later on when he went there he read the signs and found out the real history of the place. 

Brahehus was build by Peter Brahe and the work was started in 1637 but not finished until the middle of 165oth's–the reason that it took that long was because they needed to carry stones up through the hillside towards the location. It was originally meant to be a home for his wife after he himself had passed away. His wife died in 1650 so it was instead used as a guest house. In 1708 the house burned down after a fire spread from a nearby village. 

Today Brahehus is a ruin and is located right by a major highway, E4. Their is a restaurant, gas station and resting area as well as nice walking paths around the area. Unfortunately for us they are doing some major renovation right now so it was hard to get good pictures. This one we took from the other side of the highway when we were cache hunting.


We found 3 caches around Brahehus:

We also placed our first trackable in the first one of above caches. To see  and read about our trackable, check out: Anniversary heart




We also drove to Jönköping and stopped by the hockey arena, Kinnarp Arena where we found the last cache of the day.


My brother said that the Globe arena is much better looking! 🙂

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