Mackmyra Whisky

Mackmyra Whisky has started to build a their whisky village, Mackmyra Whiskyby, in Gävle and this summer they have offered free guided tours of their storage are for whisky barrells. They have several diferent storage areas in Sweden where customers can purchase their own barrell and then have it stored for 3-5 years until it's ready to be bottled. The storage area in Gävle is called "skogslagret" (forrest storage) and they have built one storage space so far. When finished their will be 22 of these. The storage area is partially hidden in the forest.


We weren't allowed to take pictures in the actual storage rooms due to fire reasons, but right outside one of the doors we could take out our cameras.


In one of the rooms they showed a video about the whisky village, and here we have two very interested Whisky lovers… my dad and Mathias:


It will be very interesting to visit the whisky village when the whole place is finished. It will be huge with all the 22 storage areas, the destillery and a town square. They also plan on building cottages where people can stay over.

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