Food Heaven

We've enjoyed lots of yummy food over the past 2 days. Some were excellent choices and some… well… I should have thought better before ordering. I've ordered the restaurants according to 1 through 4 with the "worst" one being first and the best one being last. 

4. Church Street Saloon

Before our trip I would definitely have thought this one would be no 1! Due to my poor decision of choosing chicken nuggets and because I don't think the service was as it should this one gets the 4th place. I've had the chicken nuggets platter–it also included loaded potato and salad, and I made a side order of some regular potatoes too–one time before and liked it a lot but tonight it was way to fatty and oily for me. I definitely should have know better because my food taste has changed and I don't enjoy fatty/oily food anymore.


3. Tennstopet

We had garlic bread with tzatziki for starters and then I ate a very tasty mozzarella-filled chicken on a bed of vegetables. I left most of my french fries because 1) they were too soft and 2) they go under the fatty/oily category.



2. Skebo Herrgård

Nice setting eating right by the mansion, fabulous sunny weather, and the food were great. I ate matjesill (a special type of pickled herring) with new potato and all the necessary trimmings. 


1. Axmar Brygga

This is my new favorite seafood restaurant. My gosh it was soooo yummy I'll probably dream of salmon and lobster sauce tonight! The lobster sauce we bought with us to-go as well as lobster oil. Can't wait to use it at home! As this place was so good I've included pictures of Mathias choices as well… a fillet of witch (Rödtungafile) and he also enjoyed  a dessert, creme brulee. I was so full after eating the main course that I couldn't find any room for a dessert!




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