Vallon Works

On our way to Gävle today we took the long route of road 76 instead of the highway. We wanted to visit one of the old iron works called Skebobruk, and when we arrived in Gävle we had actually passed by three… and those were located directly along route 76. If we had taken smaller excursions on the sideroad we'd seen plenty of more iron works! 

Roslagen is famous for all its Vallon works that were active between 1400-1900. Many of them are museums today and also have shops, art galleries, restaurants/cafés as well as hotels. We've got plenty of more excursions to the works planned for the future! 




Harg bruk

This one we just happened to pass by on our way. Never heard of this one before…




Forsmark bruk 



There were lots of restoration going on at Forsmark bruk. Neither the mansion nor the church weren't that photogenic at the moment so we'll go back here some other time. Maybe even to stay at the mansion as it's a hotel.

In Forsmark we also went to take a look at the nuclear power plant.


They offered guided tours of the nuclear plant but we were too late so we'll do that the next time we visit Forsmark. We just need to plan ahead to make sure the restoration is finished and that they offer the guided tours.

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