Good vs Bad

We went to Stinsen shopping mall today and were there around lunchtime so we figured we might as well eat lunch. Our choice became baked potato from Forno Romano (one of the restaurants at the malls food court):


That turned out to be a very poor decision as it was the worst baked potato we've ever tasted (we bought one each). The potato must have been reheated in a microwave and the shrimp mixture did not have any spices at all. YUCK is the best word I can describe what we ate. So, if you're at that shopping mall and get hungry doNEVER EVER buy the baked potato there!! Trust me you will be hugely dissappointed. We left more then half of our baked potatoes and went to the nearby italian ice cream place instead. Much better choice!! 🙂

After shopping we drove to Svinninge because I wanted to take a swim in the ocean. When we got there my ankles had started to hurt again (both worrying and annoying as I had my cortisone shot recently) so I didn't want to swim in the cold ocean. I didn't check how many degrees it really was but I think that anything except a warm foot bath wouldn't have been good at that particular moment. So I sat in the sofa on the porch overlooking the water with my computer and started writing to my snail mail penpals. I got one letter finished… two more to go and when we got back home tonight I actually had a new letter waiting for me so now I'm back to having three letters to respond to again.

We did enjoy a fabulous dinner tonight though! We stopped at Percys Kött in Norrviken and bought lamb chops (they opened yesterday after being closed for a month during the summer) so tonight's dinner was YUMMY! Extra nice considering our lunch experience… 


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