Parking problem solved

We bought an AutoPark Time today! Now we won't get any more parking tickets unless the little machine is out of batteries of course! Good thing a tiny little light will blink when a new battery is needed! Mathias attached the AutoPark Time to our car's windshield right away. 


It's a quite cool little thingy as it's cordless and senses when the car is moving or stopped and sets the time accordingly. Previously there used to be a cord fixed to the driver's door and whenever that was opened the correct time was set but this one does it as soon as the car has been standing still for around 20 seconds. Even better is that you don't have a cord hanging around on the side… We bought ours from Webhallen.

We also went to a restaurant called Serrano where they served "naked burrito" or the closest thing to it… There are two different restaurant chains in the US that serve this and I've missed eating this dish quite a lot. So now I can get all of my favorite dishes from the US here in Stockholm and they actually taste just as good.


I guess this means that I've finally acclimated properly to living in Sweden. 😀  The only thing I miss now is all our dear CO friends!

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