My birthday boy!

Today we've had a fabulous day celebrating Mathias 43'rd birthday with first his parents and then my family. It's been sunny and warm – a perfect day for celebrating a birthday!

We started the day quite early. By 9.40am we had picked up both Mathias mother and father, and started our drive from Åkersberga towards Norrtälje. We stopped at Penningby were we first visited the store Linneladan and then checked out the castle nextdoors called Penningby Castle.


We arrived in Norrtälje by lunchtime, which we ate at SS Norrtelje. It was very beautiful to sit on the boat (outdoors) while enjoying our yummy lunch and having a view over the canal.





We drove Mathias' mother to Upplands Väsby, and then left his father in Åkersberga where we were going shopping for the evenings dinner. That dinner turned out quite expensive though as we forgot to put out the "parkeringsskiva"–a little paper-thingy you leave inside the car window indicating what time you parked your car so the parking company can see you haven't parked for too long–and when we got back we had a parking ticket waiting for us. Quite annoying… tomorrow we'll try to find one of the automatic ones which set the time as soon as you open/close the door and you never have to worry about remembering the "parkeringsskiva" again!

After shopping we drove to Svinninge in order to continue the celebration with my parents and brother. We BBQ'd and ate cake.



Happy Birthday my wonderful hubby! 🙂


Note: The links in above post are to Swedish websites only. Sorry couldn't find any English versions so use Google translator if needed too.

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