Semla Spa – Checking out…

I woke up early today because I wanted to take another swim before it was time to check out. At 7:20 am we went into the pool area and spent 45 minutes there. I swam some laps around the pool and also spent time in the nice hot jacuzzi. It was the perfect ending at the spa! Next we went for breakfast before checking out shortly before 10am.

Our first stop on our journey back to Stockholm was Rottneros Park.




Next was Mårbacka, the home of the famous author Selma Lagerlöf.


After that we drove back to Stockholm with a short stop at Våtsjön for a late lunch/early dinner. We drove my parents to Svinninge, stayed for approx 1 hour before driving home. Now we've unpacked and are soon going to bed so we'll wake up early tomorrow morning for our next excursion…

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