Selma Spa – day 2

We woke up at 8am today and went to breakfast and then my mother and I headed for our spa treatments. I started out with what was called a "relaxing pod". You sit in a little "box" where you pick a theme, I chose Ocean, and then you have sound, light and scent that correspond with the chosen theme while the massage chair worked its magic.


This relaxing pod was not as relaxing as I thought though! First off, the scent oil they put into machine before turning it on was quite strong and didn't smell anything like an ocean. The massage chair was also quite uncomfortable when it massaged my back. The lower back was OK but when it massaged higher up it didn't feel good at all! I really had to work hard on staying relaxed and not move my body.

My next spa treatment were coloring of eyelashes and eyebrows. I've done coloring of my lashes before but it was fun to do the eyebrows too. It was a little weird to see my brows after as they now are light brown compared to wait I have naturally. This is a close up of me after the treatment.


In the afternoon we drove to Ski Sunne where we ate a late lunch at a cabin on the top called Toppstugan. They served waffles! Here are some pictures:



Back in Sunne we went to the town church:


The evening we first spent at Hotel Selma Lagerlöf were we ate a BBQ buffet. Unfortunatly for me both the potato dish and the salad had bell peppers in them so I couldn't eat much except the meat and bread from the buffet table. I did get another type of potato though which was nice of them! Overall, I have to say that for a buffet table I think it was pretty weak when it came to choices… but our stomachs got happy and full anyway!


The next part of the evening were spent in the pool area of the hotel! We swam in the indoor pool and tried all 4 our their different jacuzzis. Before bedtime we had a little quiet time in the lounge area again.

Otherwise I can't say it's very quiet here! 😦 Both yesterday and today they've had concerts on the opposite side of the road and they start at 10:30pm which means that it's an annoying sound until midnight the earliest. Unfortunately today it's even louder than it was yesterday! If I'd known they had these concerts before doing our reservation I would not have chosen this weekend. I'm a little annoyed that they didn't inform me of this when I made the reservation… 

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