Selma Spa – day 1

Today started with going to the hospital in order to get cortisone shots. I got one in my left ankle and another in my left index finger. It was nothing wrong with the joints but rather the tendon sheaths. I've had cortisone shots in both of these locations before but I tend to forget how much it really hurts, especially to get it in the finger! As soon as I was done I took two pain killers before doing anything else. I've survived on pain killers today! I'm sure tomorrow will be much better! 🙂

After visiting my father-in-law for a quick lunch we went to pick up my mother and then my father–he was at work–then we headed towards Selma Spa in Sunne, a 4,5 hour drive from Stockholm. We stopped at a restaurant just outside of Kristinehamn for dinner:


We arrived in Sunne around 7:45PM. This is how nice our the hotel room is:


Next we went down to the lobby where they have a lounge that offers coffee, drinks, and light snacks/dinner. We took the first choice and after a while everyone except me decided to take a swim in the pool. I have to wait until tomorrow as I'm not allowed to get wet where I got my cortisone shots. After the pool experience (me sitting in a very relaxing chair outside the pool area) we went back to the lounge and enjoyed beer and snacks before going to sleep. (Although "the boys" decided to take an evening walk before going to bed)


The pool area looks so nice and I'm looking forward to be able to take a swim tomorrow afternoon/evening. They have one indoor pool (partially shown below), an outdoor pool and several jacuzzis.


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