Lazy days ahead

Vacation has finally started! Mathias has been off all week but I've worked two days in order to save some vacation days for the winter season.  

I'm so looking forward to not waking up by the alarm clock at 6am every morning for the next couple of weeks! I'm also looking forward to our small excursions we'll be doing. This weekend we'll travel to Selma Spa and stay for 2 nights. Then, (by the end of our vacation) we have a trip to Gränna/Visingsö planned with my brother. We'll also go and visit relatives in Gävle and the rest of the time just enjoy the day without having any specific plans. Maybe visits some friends, family and take shorter day trips somewhere. Now when we got our car we need to use it as much as possible! 🙂

We started my vacation with going to one of my favorite store's, Rabalder, so I could buy a jeans skirt I've been longing for ever since the summer catalog came out. I've just not taken the time to go there. Next we had dinner at Little Karachi. Yummy as always! 🙂 I enjoyed a quite spicy Chicken Tikka Masala.

Now I'm waiting for "Allsång på Skansen" (famous  music TV show which runs every summer) to start and after that… I don't need to go to bed! 😀 Usually I'm in bed around 9pm on a work night, especially the past months when I've been so tired. But, not for the next 2,5 weeks! 

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