I've listened to many of "sommarpratarna" this year. The SR (Swedish Radio) app for my iPhone is great! I can listen to whatever program I want whenever I want it! 🙂 It's a program in the P1 channel where a new famous person–artist, politican, historian, actor etc etc–each day during the summer speaks about something in their life. 

Many of the speakers have been very interesting but one that really sticks in my mind is the woman who talked the past Wednesday, July 20th. Every year a non-famous speaker that the listeners pick after hearing several choices that compete for the one position. Monika Nyström won this year. She talked about her family's life before, during and after her husband was diagnosed and later passed away in cancer. How the disease affected them all and how they came to terms with their grief. She was a great and natural speaker and if I didn't know otherwise I would think she'd been talking on radio all of her life.

There were many comments she made that I've come to think about… such as when one of the children ask "does dad know he's dead?". What a clever question! And, another, when she talked about life after her husband had passed away, "I want to live, not just survive".  That last comment really stuck in my mind as I'm trying to come to terms with living with my RA. As my disease is more active now it really annoys me that it's difficult to plan for things as I don't know how my joints will feel in advance. I want to be able to plan for things and do whatever I want whenever I want it. My joints limits life a lot occasionally and I have a hard time to accept that.

She also had a lot of musical choices that really suited so well with what she talked about. When I listen through a podcast I'm not able to hear the full songs due to copyright reasons, but the little I heard of them I can just imagine how well it suited in just that particular moment.

If you want to listen to and read about Monika Nyström click here. (Swedish only)

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