We ate a yummy dinner tonight! One of my favorite salmon dishes, called salmon with mustard glaze. It's from our favorite grilling book that we bought many years ago. While living in the US we made this dish several times a month and we've tried it once since living in our apartment in Sweden, but it's just not the same to make it in the oven as on the BBQ. 

To the salmon we enjoyed new potatoe and salad.


Before going to my parents in the afternoon in order to enjoy a nice dinner we were busy at home, or rather Mathias were… He took down all the masking tape from yesterday and put up new one so he would be able to paint the wall. Just putting up the tape took him almost 2 hours! Then he painted the walls one time and will do the second layer tomorrow. Our home office is starting to look like a little forest! I'm actually thinking of finding a wall decor that look like a tree and have on one of the walls. 🙂 I'm sure our home office will be a very relaxing room to be in when finished. Green is such a calming color.

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