Last room

We've started the remodeling of our home office today. Actually I suppose it was started last weekend already when my dad came here to help Mathias put up some special kind of wallpaper, but it wasn't until today that he started painting.  

First we had to move out the desk from the room and now it has its new location in our hallway. We will buy all new furniture for the home office so the desk won't come back into the room at all. We'll try to see if we can sell it very cheap on Blocket or maybe just give it to charity.


Mathias has painted the ceiling today and tomorrow he'll do the walls. We've picked two different green colors, one very light for the ceiling and other little darker (but still light… ) for the walls. I just know it will look great! Then the fun part starts… buying the furniture (we went to IKEA last week and have decided what to get) and decorating the room. I'm looking forward to pick out the fabric for the curtains!

When this room is finished we just have to buy new baseboard for the whole apartment, paint the doors or maybe buy new ones (we haven't decided yet), and then we're done! After that I suppose it's time to move… 😉

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