New treatment

Well, I'm going to learn how to self-inject my medication called Simponi. A little scary… as you probably know by now I'm not a big fan of needles! The new medication will be instead of the IV medication I've had every 6th week now for 1,5 years. The medication will be taken once a month and the first time(s) I'll take it at the hospital before I learn how to self-inject. I think I'll bring my hubby as support the first time in case I chicken out. 🙂 I can't start until August 15 the earliest as I took my IV medication last week. 

I'm also getting a new referral to the orthopedist in order to get special shoes. I've had foot implants ever since I got diagnosed, but the doctor today thought it would be a good idea to get special shoes as well when I told her I had a hard time finding shoes that the foot implants fit into. She was also not too happy over the shoes I was wearing today. She said they weren't that good for my feet and that I needed something with better stability. My sneakers are too warm during the summer so I've used regular canvas shoes (tygskor). I guess I'll wear my sneakers (as I can have my foot implants then) tomorrow in case it's not too hot outside. 

The other thing she told me was that I might want to apply for "klimatvĂĄrd". Don't know what that would be in English but you go away to a warmer climate (such as Spain or Portugal)  during 3-4 weeks at which time you get rehabilitation, exercise, and special treatment. I'm going to send in the paperwork this week to the doctor and then she'll add a referral to the application and after that we'll just see if they accept me. Apparently I would be away either October or November if I do get accepted. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

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