Pain, pain, pain…

This weekend has mostly contained "a lot of pain" and "a little less pain"… Saturday I woke up and was worse than I've been for quite some time. My shoulders hurt, my hands, my feet, my ankles and my knees… we drove to my parents , bought a cake on our way there, and then I spent most of the day in the sofa outdoors or indoors.


In the late afternoon we went home and watched TV. The Swedish football ladies took bronze in the World cup! Well done girls! 

Today when I woke up I was feeling a little better (just pain in my ankles and shoulders) and as it was quite hot and the sun was out we decided to go to my parents and have breakfast there. After breakfast I went to their neighbor (my mom's cousin) and took a little foot bath in their swimming pool. 


In the afternoon we went shopping for paint–we've started remodeling our home office and hope to have it finish during our vacation which starts in a week–and also looking for furniture for our balcony. We found a few different options but will look in some other stores before we make a decision. Next we went back to my parents, grilled dinner and then back home.


Now I'm getting ready to go to bed even though the final in the Women's football World cup is starting any minute, USA against Japan. Go USA!! 🙂  I need to go up early tomorrow as I plan to be at work by 7am in order to work as many hours as possible before heading to the hospital in the afternoon. I'm so looking forward to my appointment tomorrow! 

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