Today I finally had my IV medication. Just 12 days overdue "thanks" to my cold. It actually felt pretty good in my joints to start with during the worst part of my cold as my body seemed to forget I my joints all together. Then 4 days ago I started feeling worse again and then it went downward fast… Wednesday it hurt so bad when I walked up or down any stairs that I had to use the elevator most of the time. Then yesterday morning I experienced an even worse pain in my left ankle when I walked down the stairs here at home so after that I refused to use stairs altogether. Luckily we have elevators both at work and home! 

I'm really hoping todays IV session will remove at least some of the pain. I'm having my doctor's appointment on Monday afternoon and we're finally going to talk new medication! Can't wait! The nurse at the hospital today had a long talk with me about the options my doctor has told me about. She actually gave me a another option too which I'll discuss with my doctor, and that was that instead of trying two new medications maybe just one and stick with Remicade (the name of the IV medication) I'm on right now. That "new medication" would then be another version of the Methotrexate I'm taking as pills now. She thought that trying that as a weekly shot in a higher dosage might do the trick as well. The second new medication option I have is a new IV medication that I take 4 times a year. We'll see what the doctor thinks is the best idea. I'm wide open… I just want to feel good again.

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