Stuffy head

I've been sick for the past 3 days, well actually 4, but it's just 3 days I've been home from work so far. I've got a cold, a cough and a very stuffy head. I guess I shouldn't complain, I've felt a cold coming several times during the past 2-3 months and I've said to Mathias that if only the cold could come so I can get it over with. Well… now it's here and I'm bored! I'm spending my days sleeping, watching TV, listening to "Sommar i P1" (I've managed to go through 4 of the podcasts so far) and just trying to wish the day will end, or actually wishing the cold will end… I'm feeling better now though so I'm really hoping I can head to work tomorrow but I'm not totally convinced yet so I'll see how I feel tomorrow morning when I wake up! 🙂

As I've been sick I've not felt up to writing even if I've got some very existing news! Mathias surprised me with us going and pick up our car Friday evening! Originally we shouldn't get it until August 1 so it was a very nice surprise! My hubby is so good at keeping something like this a secret. 🙂 I can keep secrets too, but when there is a lot of talk about the car and he still manages to keep his mouth shut that we'll pick it up within a weeks time, that's pretty impressing! 😀 Here is a picture of our new car before we even left the car shop. And this is probably not the last picture of our nice purple Audi A3 I'll post… 😉


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