Anniversary Party

Today was finally the day for our anniversary party. As my parents have more space we had the party at their place. My dad had dressed the deck and the different porches with cut birch trees and it looked very pretty when we arrived. We were quite lucky with the weather, it rained just a few times, and thanks to my parents newly bought a party tent that covers the whole deck no one got wet.

A few days of baking 9 different cookies and cinnamon rolls, and today's purchase of the cake meant we had 10 different items. We wanted to have a theme of 10 in regards to our anniversary so that's why we decided to bake so many things. Even the cake had a theme of 10 as we bought two individual cakes that made it look like the number 10. Here are some pictures of our cookie table.





And a cool picture Mathias took with a birds-eye view of the cookie table:


We had a great party and thanks for everyone who were able to come and celebrate with us! 🙂 We truly appreciate it! See you in 10 years! Not sure it'll be 20 cookies that time though!! 🙂

One thought on “Anniversary Party

  1. Ulla-Britt Kvarnestam June 27, 2011 / 09:14

    Åååh vilka härliga kakbilder! Roligt att partyt blev lyckat! Min ballerinakaka kändes lite “off” i munnen! Ja, Cecilia om tio år kan du göra tio sorters sandwiches och tio kaksorter – men HJÄLP va jobbigt! Kanske fruktsallad med tio fruktsorter o tio kaksorter -ack, ja! Lasse o jag hade inget party alls, när vi firade 47 år – det skulle bli mig övermäktigt! Kraam!

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