Cookie heaven

We've completed the baking of all the cookies today. Tomorrow we'll just need to purchase the cake and we're good to go for the party! Here are a little preview of one of the cookies we baked today:


Boy, do we have lots of cookies right now! 🙂

In the evening we drove to Rindö because I wanted to put out my first own geocache. We found a perfect spot with a view of Oxdjupet. I've submitted my cache and are waiting on having it reviewed and published! I'll post the link of it when it's ready to be visited. When we drove on E18 on our way towards Vaxholm there was a very nice looking rainbow:


I love rainbows! They seem so "magical". In Colorado it was very common to see the double rainbow, but I can't remember I've ever seen that in Sweden. Nor have I seen a whole rainbow here which happened in rare occasions in Colorado too. Still… double, whole or just partial doesn't matter, I enjoy the view anyways! 

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