Midsummer Eve

As soon as I woke up today I just knew it was a bad day. My feet and knees where hurting and I was stiff in my whole body. It's always so annoying to wake up like that! Most days right now I can't even remember the last time I woke up and didn't have any problems in the morning. I don't hurt as much as I did this morning but I've not woken up for the past months without having any issues at all. 

I was supposed to see my doctor at the hospital Wednesday morning and I was so looking forward to the visit as we were going to discuss new medications for me but 2 hours before my appointment a nurse called and said that the doctor was sick and that my appointment was cancelled. I'm okay with that, doctors can get sick too, but what I'm not okay with is what happened next… she told me she couldn't give me a time right now and when I wondered when they would she told me she didn't know. I told her I'd been waiting for my appointment for 2 months now so I really wanted a new time asap  to which she replied she would write my name on the waiting list. Gosh I'm so sick and tired of waiting lists!! I had planned to call yesterday but I didn't wake up until 9am at which time the calling hour ends so now I need to call at 8am Monday morning. That should be easier to remember as  I'm at work by that time!

So, today didn't start quite well but I've managed to have a good day anyway! Our original plan was to take care off some things here at home during the morning and in the afternoon drive to my parents in order to celebrate Midsummer, but due to how I was feeling we just went up, got everything we needed and drove to my parents right away. So we had breakfast in Svinninge, after that I took a little 1 hour nap and then we–mostly Mathias with me as the sidekick–started baking. We've now finished 3 of the cookies we'll have at the party on Sunday. The rest we'll–my parents will help us and bake 3 of the cookies–do tomorrow.



After the cookies were done I did some more resting–no napping this time though–before it was time for dinner. We enjoyed a nice BBQ and also had some pickled herring. I'd been lazy this midsummer though and didn't make any of the pickled herring myself instead we bought two different kinds. After dinner we sat talking for a while and then I had to go inside due to the evening turning cold. Before driving home we enjoyed my mother's traditional midsummer cake. 


Tomorrow we'll have a baking, cleaning and washing day. We'll try to do some geocaching in the evening with my brother, but I suppose that both depends on the weather and how I'm doing. I'm crossing my fingers tomorrow morning will be a little better than this morning.

One thought on “Midsummer Eve

  1. Ulla-Britt Kvarnestam June 25, 2011 / 19:49

    Åååh! Vilka underbara kakor! Vad Mathias är duktig! Det vattnas i munnen på mig, men jag får gå och ta mig ett Ballerinakex istället! Hoppas ni får ett underbart party och att du får må bra åtminstone denna dag! Vilken otur med ditt läkarbesök och allt kring detta. Håller tummarna att det ordnar sig! Kraam.

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