My first boule experience

Today my work unit had a one-day conference ending with some boule play and buffet at Boulehallen. I've never played boule before so I didn't really know the rules or how to play. I have to say it was quite fun, but I wished we had played outdoors instead of in a basement in the middle of the city. One thing that was not particular fun though was that my feet and knees didn't like this excursion at all. After 1 hour of playing they started hurting quite bad, so I had to sit down in a chair in between the times I played. Sometimes that was less than 30 seconds so I'm not sure how much rest my joints really got. 🙂

We played a little tournament and had 8 teams in total and my team mate and I lost the first game but won the other two. I'll try to play some other time when my joints feels a little better.

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