Too hot!

When we woke up this morning it was too hot in the apartment so we decided to go directly to my parents and eat breakfast there and spend the day close to the water. On our way to Svinninge we stopped to buy some freshly baked bread for the breakfast. 

Luckily we had been in Svinninge last night already to borrow a car as the plan was to go to a friend's birthday party in a southern suburb to Stockholm and we didn't feel like having to go there by subway and commuter train. I realized quite early in the day though that that plan had to be canceled due to my aching joints and not really feeling sociable right now. Going to my parents is one thing as I can just sit in a chair or rest in their bed if needed too but going to a party is probably not what I'm suited for right now. I'm so sick of feeling this pain in my feet every day and being stiff in my whole body… can't wait for my doctor's appointment on June 22nd when we'll discuss new medications!

We stayed the whole day in Svinninge. Just a little car excursion with my brother in order to look at a new place where to put a cache. We also bought some things to BBQ on our way back "home". We had a nice dinner on my parents porch–although they were away on a party so it was just us and my brother. 


The rest of the evening we spent on the porch talking and when it got to cold for me to sit outside (I can get more pain when the colder weather arrives in the evening) so went into the living room and sat talking there instead.

My mother has planted new potatoes in buckets–she did the same thing last year–so we can eat them by Midsummer. They have grown quite a lot! And midsummer is just 2 weeks away! Can't wait to eat the first new potatoes of the year!


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