Grönsöö Castle

The first day of our 5 day weekend–due to two public holidays, Ascension day and Sweden's national day we have an extra long time off–we decided to visit Grönsöö castle. We picked up Mathias' mother on the way there. When we arrived it was quite windy and not the best of weather (no rain though!), but by the time we got ready to go back home the sun started to come out. 

It was a beautiful castle, and they had different information sheets to pick while walking in the castle's park. One of the sheet was a little "walk-through" of the garden, and the other two explained what plants and flowers they had in the park. Before going home we also enjoyed some lunch at the cafe and visited the castle shop. Here are some pictures from Grönsöö:






Grönsöö castle website you can find here.

After leaving Elisabeth at her home, we went to my parents in order to BBQ. First we had to go shopping though and found this fabulous looking car in the parking lot:


At my parents my dad was building the stairs to the porch while Mathias fixed dinner.





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