Saturday dinner

We enjoyed a very yummy dinner last night! We went to my parents in order to grill and the choice for the day became grilling a whole chicken. We also had "rösti" (a potato dish), regular salad and an avocado and tomato salad.


This is the second time I've made the avocado and tomato salad, and I wrote about it and included a link to the recipes in my post, Avocado and tomato salad 

In the evening my brother drove us home and on our way we found 3 geocaches (actually 2 for hubby and me as we had visited one of them already but my brother wanted to find it too), and passed by 2. The reason we didn't try to find those two was that it was too dark and it required some walking in the woods. A normal 20-minute drive home took us instead around 2 hours. We arrived home around 23.20.

Geocaches found today:

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