I went to the garden shop, Plantagen, today and bought some new flowers for the kitchen window. I felt it was time to get some flowering plants and not only the "green plants" we've had during the winter season. I found two hibiscus plants that looked fabulous:


I think hibiscus is my new favorite flower. I used to like orchids a lot but I was just not good with them and hibiscus plants I can keep flowering and flowering which is a lot of fun for someone like me that has no "green fingers" whatsoever.

Last summer I bought a plant that had something with the word "balloon" in the name and shortly after we bought it it lost all flowers and it has looked quite boring so we've thought that maybe we should just throw it away, but two weeks ago we suddenly noticed that it had several buds and now it's flowering like crazy. It's not the most colorful flowers but they look funny!


Now I just need to figure out the name of the plant. I've tried to Google it but without any luck. And today when I went to the store I forgot to take a picture so I could ask one of the gardeners in the store. Maybe someone reading this can help me?

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